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About Me

I’m a Chicago-trained editor with a PhD

from Princeton University and with years of experience in academic and trade publishing.


I’m an experienced editor, translator, and researcher with degrees from top-ranked universities in the United States and Europe and with an editing certificate from the University of Chicago, Graham School.

As an editor focusing on academic nonfiction, I primarily work with scholars, academic presses, and research groups in the humanities and social sciences, editing book manuscripts, journal articles, book proposals, and grant applications. I also enjoy working with artists, journalists, independent authors, translators, and curators on a variety of projects, such as cultural criticism, translations, exhibition catalogues, and artists’ books. Thanks to my international and interdisciplinary background, I am adept at editing work by multilingual and ESL authors in a wide range of fields.

My most popular service is copyediting, but I love doing more involved editorial work, such as line/stylistic and substantive editing.

When I'm not at my desk, I'm ideally somewhere in the hills of Heidelberg, the mountains of Maine, or the European Alps with my partner and our Jack Russell Terrier.

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